When Is My Due Date?

When is my due date? This is a question that runs through the mind of every woman who is happy about her newly-discovered pregnancy. If you happen to be among this lucky group, congratulations, and please go ahead and find out your due date this instant using our online due date calculator.

When Is My Due Date – How is the Due Date Calculated (Naegele’s Rule)

If your periods are regular and occur after every 28 days, then you can use a pen and paper to calculate your due date or our due date calculator, also known as the EDD or EDC. According to Naegele’s Law, a healthy pregnancy lasts an average of 40 weeks or 280 days. The first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) is counted as the first day of your pregnancy. To calculate your due date using Naegele’s rule, carefully subtract 3 months from your LMP (first day of your last menstrual period), add one year to what you get and subsequently add 7 days.

When Is My Due Date – Sample Calculation (Naegele’s Rule)

If first day of your last period is 08/10/2013, subtract 3 months to get 05/10/2013.

Add one year to 05/10/2013 to get 05/10/2014.

Add 7 days to 05/10/2014 to get 05/17/2014, which is your due date.

If your average cycle is not 28 days, no need to panic, just determine your cycle and subtract or add the difference from the above given instructions. To make it clearer, if your average cycle is 21 days, just subtract the difference which is 7 days, if your cycle is 30 days, add 2 days. To determine your average cycle, just take your last 3-5 cycles into consideration.

When Is My Due Date – When You Cannot Recall Your LMP

If you cannot recall the exact day/date your last menses started, relax because there are other ways to find out or estimate your due date. What you need to do is recall the last time you had your periods and your doctor will try to come up with a possible due date. Your doctor will, however, order an ultrasound performed to make things clearer, especially if you have absolutely no idea on when your last periods occurred.

“When is my due date if I have irregular periods?” you might be wondering.

If your periods are irregular, then your best bet lies in an ultrasound.

When Is My Due Date – Using a Pregnancy Wheel

A pregnancy wheel is also another option your doctor might use to estimate your due date as long as you can recall your LMP. You can also use a pregnancy wheel without the help of a doctor if you have one. Just line up the first day of your last menstrual flow with the indicator and your due date will be displayed by the pregnancy wheel. Nonetheless, you must understand that a due date is only an estimation or a best guess on when you are likely to deliver, not a guaranteed date.


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