When Am I Due?

“When am I due?” Don’t worry, we understand you perfectly. You have just learnt that you are pregnant and want to know exactly when you can hold your baby in your arms. Luckily, you can find out your due date this instant using our due date calculator. However, you must understand that your due date will only be a best guess of when you are likely to put to bed.

When Am I Due?  – How the Calculator Predicts Your Due Date

If you are wondering how our due date calculator arrived at your due date, below is the equation used:

First day of your last period – 3 months + one year +7 days = your due date

Below is a sample calculation:

If first day of your last period is 08/10/2013, subtract 3 months to get 05/10/2013.

Add one year to 05/10/2013 to get 05/10/2014.

Add 7 days to 05/10/2014 to get 05/17/2014, which is your due date.

When Am I Due? – Other Ways to Predict Your Due Date

Other than due date calculators, there are other ways to find out your due date. For example, if you are among the lucky few women who happen to know their conception dates, you can take advantage of this and calculate your due date. Just add 266 days or 38 weeks to your conception date to get your due date. Just keep in mind that sperm survives for as long as 72 hours in your body after intercourse.

Another way to predict your due date is to get an ultrasound. An ultrasound will predict your due date more accurately, especially if you can have it done within the first trimester of your pregnancy. Also, if you have irregular periods, the best option for you would also be an ultrasound. A pregnancy chart is also another means that your doctor might use to predict your due date.

When Am I Due? – You Still Have a Chance of Delivering On Your Due Date

While it is true that due dates are just best guesses of when you will put to bed, you still have a small chance (3-5%) of having your baby at your exact due date. There are many factors that might influence your due date, such as the dimension of your uterus, if your uterus is wide enough, you stand a chance of giving birth sooner or on your given due date.

Another factor that might prompt you to deliver on your due date is the position of the baby. If the baby positions itself correctly (head down) as your due date approaches, you can expect to deliver either earlier or on your due date.

If your family has a history of preterm or overdue pregnancies, you also stand a chance of delivering earlier or later than your due date. Whatever the case, you can expect to deliver 2-3 week earlier, or later than your given due date. A healthy pregnancy can last anywhere from 37 weeks to 42 weeks.

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