Top 5 Signs of Ovulation

If you are observant enough, you will notice several signs of ovulation days before you actually ovulate. Ovulation is the only opportunity you have to become pregnant all month and if you fail to take advantage of this window of opportunity, you will have to wait until your next ovulation.

Top 5 Signs of Ovulation – Cervical Mucous

A few days prior to ovulation, your cervical mucous of vaginal discharge will become clearer and stretchier, some women say that ovulation discharge resembles the whitish part of a raw egg. Vaginal discharge takes on this kind of consistency slightly before ovulation takes place so that it can swiftly transport your partner’s sperm to your released egg.

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Top 5 Signs of Ovulation –Body Basal Temperature

Body basal temperature changes throughout your menstrual cycle, but tends to be at its lowest point a few hours before ovulation occurs. It thereafter rises to around 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit after ovulation has taken place. Body basal temperature is monitored first thing every morning using a special thermometer and can be a good way to predict pending ovulation.

Monitoring body basal temperature can be a bit difficult for women who aren’t used to it. In such cases, a woman is advised to use other means to predict her ovulation even as she monitors her body basal temperature such as our ovulation calculator.

Top 5 Signs of Ovulation – Ovulation Pain

You may experience ovulation pain or mittelschmerz, which is a German word that means middle pain. This kind of pain or cramping is felt on one side of the abdomen, possibly the side where the ovary that is releasing the egg is situated. However, some women will feel the pain on both sides of the abdomen, the pelvis, and the back. Ovulation pain may change sides from month to month or stick to one side for some time. You may use over-the -counter painkillers to relieve minor mittelschmerz pain, but if it gets serious, see a doctor to rule out endometriosis.

Top 5 Signs of Ovulation – Mild Vaginal Bleeding

Mild vaginal bleeding is also among the signs of ovulation to look out for. In some cases, ovulation pain will be accompanied by mild vaginal bleeding that can last for 1-3 days. Not all women will experience this sign of ovulation, and a woman who has never experienced it before might suddenly find it happening. It is nothing to worry about and has even been linked to extreme fertility. Nausea and bloating might accompany ovulation bleeding. For some women, ovulation signs might closely resemble PMS.

Top 5 Signs of Ovulation – Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal is a very common ovulation sign, but not many women associate with approaching ovulation. It is actually a tactic of the body to lure a woman into having sex so that her egg gets fertilized as soon as it is released.

Not all women will experience ovulation symptoms and it is therefore a good idea to use ovulation tests or ovulation calculators even as you watch out for signs of ovulation.

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