Top 5 Signs How Your Body Tells You That You Are Ovulating

Becoming pregnant for some women is a lot easier than it is for others. Some women are able to tell when the time is right while others are not sure of what to look for. If you are a little on the unsure side, there are 5 signs that your body will use to let you know that you are ovulating.

There are quite a few signs of ovulation that you can look for, there are 5 primary signs that will let you know indefinitely that you are ovulating. To help you keep track of the current changes that are taking place within your body, you may greatly benefit from an ovulation predictor. This will help you to better determine when the chances of becoming pregnant are best for you. There are several different symptoms that you will want to look for.

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Number 1. sign you are ovulating – Noticing Physical Symptoms

A few common physical symptoms that many women during ovulation or before ovulation includes:

  • Tenderness within your breasts
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Abdominal twinges
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Change within firmness of the cervix

Number 2. sign you are ovulating – Knowing Your Basal Body Temperature

During or right before ovulation occurs, some women will experience an increase within their body temperature. To help you predict your times of ovulation, it will be a good idea to take your temperature when you wake up in the morning. To help you keep track, it may be in your best interest to make notes on a calendar.

Number 3. sign you are ovulating – Noticing Cervical Mucus

Many women notice cervical mucus during their time of ovulation. To check if you are ovulating, some women are able to check their vaginal opening for mucus. You may benefit by doing the same. You will need to frequently check for mucus. There are a few instances that you will need to acknowledge that could cause vaginal mucus to appear differently. These instances include:

  • Being sexually excited
  • Vaginal infection
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Using lubricants during sex

Number 4. sign you are ovulating – The Moving of Your Cervix

When you are ovulating your cervix moves forward and will be a little softer than unusual. Fortunately, you are able to check your cervix without having to schedule a doctor’s appointment. In order to check your cervix properly, wash your hands, then using one or two fingers, insert them into your vagina and feel for your cervix. If you are not ovulating, your cervix will feel hard. If you are ovulating, your cervix will feel softer than usual. You may notice that your cervix is easier to reach and it will be slightly open.

Number 5. sign you are ovulating – One-Sided Pain

For a lot of women, one-sided pain is a sure indication that ovulation is taking place. This is a process that is referred to as mittleschmeiz, which many people call middle pain. When your experience this pain, this means that ovulation is about to occur or you are already ovulating. Each of these instances are signs of ovulation. To be certain and have a greater chance of becoming pregnant, it will be in your best interest to purchase an ovulation predictor.

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