Top 5 Reasons To Use a Due Date Calculator

As a mother-to-be, using a due date calculator will not only give you a rough idea on when your precious baby is due, it will also enable you to avoid last minute panics by being well prepared by the time your bundle of joy makes an appearance. There is so much stuff you will need to sort out before your baby’s arrival, such as stocking up on supplies, decorating the nursery, planning your maternity leave, choosing a pediatrician, and so on.

1. Reasons to Use a Due Date Calculator – Finding a Doctor for Your Baby in Time

One of the many benefits of using a due date calculator is that you will have plenty of time to look for the right pediatrician for your baby. You should be able to have located a pediatrician who is taking new patients and who will accept your insurance by the time your pregnancy is midway through.

2. Reasons to Use a Due Date Calculator – Preparing For Your Baby Financially

Expecting your baby might be a joyous thing but it can also be an expensive affair especially in this ever ailing economy. Luckily, by using our due date calculator, you will get an idea on when to expect your baby and thus start getting your money in order. Whether you earn a lot or just enough, it will be better if you plan ahead. Create a rough budget to estimate how much you’ll need to save every month and remember to make allowances for any income changes when you finally take your maternity leave.

3. Reasons to Use a Due Date Calculator – Arranging for Your Maternity Leave

As soon as you have used our due date calculator, you can then go ahead and notify your employer/s so they can be aware of your approaching maternity leave. If you are self-employed, you will also need to take time off from your work before and after birth to take care of yourself and your baby as well.

4. Reasons to Use a Due Date Calculator – Getting the Baby Kit Ready

The list of supplies you will need to buy for your unborn baby might seem overwhelming and expensive at first. However, by calculating your due date, you will be in a better position to set aside ample time to break the list down and acquire the items gradually. Try to stick to the most important items first such as nappies, wipes, clothes, baby monitor and cot. Other items such as a designer changing bag can wait.

4. Reasons to Use a Due Date Calculator – Making Important Decisions

Being aware of your due date (ECD or EDD) is very important because it will warn you on how much time you have to make serious decisions before the D-day. Some of the decisions you need to make before birth include baby’s name, the kind of birth you want (e.g. natural or C-section), whether to use pain medications during labor or not to, whether to breastfeed your baby or not to, and whether to have your baby circumcised after birth or not if he happens to be a boy. Such decisions are very sensitive and you will need to start thinking about them as soon as you discover your due date.

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