Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms

Unlike what many women think, a missed period is not the first sign of pregnancy, in fact, it is not even among the earliest pregnancy symptoms. If you are observant enough, you are very likely to notice your first sign of pregnancy as early as seven days after ovulation.

Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms – Cramping and Spotting

Most women will experience slight cramping and light spotting around the time they are expecting their periods. Some women tend to confuse these cramps and spotting with menstruation, but they are usually very minor and cannot be compared to menstrual cramps and menstrual flow. This is known as implantation bleeding and occurs 7-12 days after ovulation. It is in most cases the earliest pregnancy symptoms.

Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms – Tingling Or Prickling Nipples

One week after conception or thereabouts, you might feel a prickling or tingling sensation in your nipples. This is usually one of the earliest signs of pregnancy in many women and is caused by an increased supply of blood to the breasts. This increased blood supply is caused by pregnancy hormones. The sensation subsides as the body adjusts to the pregnancy hormone (HCG).

Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms – Morning Sickness/Feeling Sick

Morning sickness is among the various pregnancy symptoms you are likely to experience early in your pregnancy. Some women are lucky enough to escape this symptom which can start from 4-6 weeks after ovulation or conception. You might feel sickly and queasy, and you might even vomit. Morning sickness can affect you anytime, be it morning, noon, or night time. You should see your doctor immediately if the vomiting gets serious and you can’t keep anything down.

Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms – swollen or tender breasts

Your breasts might become extremely tender or swollen as soon as your pregnancy reaches six weeks or so. For some women, the feeling will resemble the feeling they experience as their period approaches. You will notice that your bras don’t fit comfortably anymore because they have grown bigger, you might even notice some veins that are not usually visible. This pregnancy symptom tends to ease as you approach your second trimester.

Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms – Extreme Tiredness/Sleepiness

Pregnancy hormones have been known to make most women tired during their first trimester of pregnancy. Other than tiredness, you might feel extremely sleepy throughout the day, upset, or emotional. You might even notice that you are peeing or urinating more often than the norm. This is usually caused by an increased volume of blood in the system which causes the kidneys to work extra hard.

Others will develop food cravings or begin to loathe other foods such as eggs or fish; you will probably notice this even before you miss your period. A sign that normally accompanies food loathing is a metallic taste at the back of the tongue. You should be able to notice a missed period after experiencing all or some of these pregnancy symptoms 20 days or so after your last ovulation.

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