Top 5 Pregnancy Signs

Some women will only begin to suspect a pregnancy once they have missed a period, but a woman who has been eager to have a baby should notice some pregnancy signs much earlier. If you are sure that you had unprotected sex during your fertile days, be alert and you are very likely to see a change in your body as early as 6 days after ovulation.

Top 5 Pregnancy Signs – Implantation Bleeding

This is usually the very first sign of pregnancy, though not women will experience it. Implantation bleeding is believed to occur as your fertilized egg plants itself in the uterus 6-12 days after conception. You may experience mild cramps and a very light, pinkish spot in your underwear. Some women actually confuse this kind of bleeding with a real period, especially those with irregular periods, but the cramps and bleeding are very light when compared to a real menstrual flow.

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Top 5 Pregnancy Signs – Tender/Swollen Breasts

Interestingly, another early sign of pregnancy that women tend to confuse with an approaching period is tender or swollen breast. Some women will notice darker areolas (area surrounding nipples) that may even increase somewhat in diameter. This is among the few pregnancy signs that will occur 7-14 days after ovulation.

Top 5 Pregnancy Signs – Nausea/Morning Sickness

Nausea, also known as morning sickness is another sign that might appear before a missed period. Not all women suffer nausea but those who do tend to feel sick, nauseous, and may vomit. Morning sickness/nausea can occur anytime of the day, not necessarily in the morning.

Other pregnancy signs that might accompany nausea or morning sickness are food cravings and tiredness. Other than food cravings, you might also begin to loathe some foods or develop a strong sense of smell.

Top 5 Pregnancy Signs – Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is also a top sign of pregnancy, but it can also be a sign of bladder infection so you need to have it checked out if you have doubts. This sign of pregnancy might be accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, backaches, and mood changes. The need to pee or urinate at an alarming frequency usually occurs 2-3 weeks after conception but will not necessary affect all pregnant women. If you have been trying for a baby and are sure you had unprotected sex around ovulation time, frequent urination can very well indicate an early pregnancy.

Top 5 Pregnancy Signs – Bloating

The other sign of pregnancy that you are likely to notice is a bloated feeling and the need to pass wind often. While this can also be a sign of an impending period, it could very well be a sign of pregnancy if you have been trying to conceive. It is during this period when you are likely to notice that you are late, especially if your periods are exceptionally on time. Make sure you are at least one week late then you can take a home pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

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