How To Use A Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

You are definitely not alone in wondering how a pregnancy due date calculator works. As a matter of fact, there is no magic or spiritualism involved, just a simple calculation that will involve the first day of your last period and your average cycle length. This calculation will generate your possible date of birth, popularly known as a due date. Doctors do it all the time using their own way, but you don’t have to wait until your doctor calculates it for you.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – How Does It Really Work?

Most, if not all due date calculators (including ours) operate with the general concept that a healthy pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks or 280 days from  day one of the last period. To calculate your due date, a pregnancy due date calculator will ask for the first day of your last period and your average cycle length. This means that for you or anyone else to get the most relevant results, you will have to remember the exact date your last menses began. You will also need to have an idea on your average cycle length to enable the calculator to predict a more accurate date.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – What If You Can’t Provide The Information Required?

Some women cannot recall the first day of their last menses, and others don’t know the lengths of their cycles. While the average cycle length will vary individually (21-40+ days), most women have their periods after every 28 days. The last 3-5 cycles will determine the average cycle length. If you can’t recall or guesstimate the first day you received your last menses, the calculator will not be able calculate your due date. If you give the wrong date or the wrong cycle length, you will not receive the most relevant results but you will at least get an idea on your due date.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – How Accurate Are The Results?

The results generated by due date calculators are not 100% accurate; they are just best guesses or estimations of when the baby is likely to get delivered. According to statistics, only around 5% of all pregnant women give birth at the exact date generated by these calculators. Most women (around 70%) deliver 2-3 weeks later than their due date, while 24% deliver one week later or earlier than their due date.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – Is It Really Necessary To Calculate your Due Date?

Calculating your due date is extremely important and you can bet that it is among the first things your doctor will want to find out during your first check up as a pregnant woman. For starters, knowing your possible due date will enable your doctor to monitor your developing baby in a better way. It will also enable you as the mother-to-be to get ready for the baby financially and emotionally. As you already know, a new baby calls for so much preparation and a pregnancy due date calculator will save you the hustles and pressures brought about by last-minute planning.

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