How to Take a Pregnancy Test

Have you been feeling awfully tired of late? Are your breasts tender? While these two can be signs of early pregnancy, they don’t always indicate pregnancy. The only way to know if you are really pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test; we’ll show you how to do it using a home pregnancy test. If you find that you are not pregnant, don’t worry, you still have another chance next time you ovulate.

How to Take a Pregnancy Test – Make Sure Your Period Is Late

Before you think of taking a pregnancy test, make sure you are late by at least one week, after which you can obtain a home pregnancy test from your local drugstore. While it is true that some pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy much sooner, you will get more accurate results if you are at least a week late. Also, using the first urine of the day will contribute to more accurate results, but it all depends on the kind of test you are using. Just read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.

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How to Take a Pregnancy Test – Using Your Home Pregnancy Test

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before removing your pregnancy test from its box. How you will apply your urine will depend on the instructions given. Some tests will require that you pee directly onto the stick for around 5 seconds, while others will require you to collect the urine into a clean container and to dip the stick in.

Others will even come with a dropper which you should use to apply the recommended number of urine drops on the testing kit. Whatever the case, most home pregnancy tests come with very clear instructions and you can hardly go wrong with them. Relax as you perform the test to avoid mistakes, after all, you can always try again if the results come out negative.

How to Take a Pregnancy Test – Reading the Results

After you have applied your urine according to the manufacturer’s instructions, wash your hands with soap and water and wait for results. Some pregnancy tests will display results almost immediately, while others will require that you to wait for at least 10 minutes before reading the results.

The most common pregnancy tests will display two lines to indicate a pregnancy, or a single line to display a negative. Others will display a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, or other symbols such as a smiley face. Just refer to the instructions that came with your pregnancy test to make sure you are reading the results accurately. Some tests come with two strips so you can take a second test to double-check the results.

How to Take a Pregnancy Test – What Next After Receiving Results?

If you test positive, make a doctor’s appointment to have your pregnancy confirmed through a physical exam and other tests. If you test negative, wait a few days and retake the test. If the second pregnancy test is negative again, don’t be troubled because you still have another chance to get pregnant during your next ovulation.

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