How To Predict The Gender Of Your Baby

Once some of the excitement of becoming and being pregnant has diminished a little, couples often want to know the gender of their baby. 9 months is a long time for some couples to wait. With the great advances that have taken place within technology, you are able to find out a lot about your baby a few months before it is born, which includes gender prediction.

A lot of people believe that they can predict their baby’s gender by using an ovulation predictor. Couples who believe in this form of gender prediction use an ovulation predictor to plan to become pregnant during a certain time of year. Depending on what the statistics of the current year or the previous year reveals, and what the couple wants the gender of the baby to be, they will plan accordingly. There are a few other techniques that couples use as a gender prediction method, while only the last one is scientifically sustainable.

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Gender prediction – The Theory of the Heartbeat

Some couples who are curious about their baby’s gender are willing to go through extreme measures to find out. There are several different gender prediction methods and techniques that are believed to be able to indicate a baby’s gender. As far as the heart beat theory is concerned, there is a heartbeat range of 110 and 160 that the fetal heart rate ranges between. Depending upon how fast or slow the heartbeat happens to be is what many people use to predict the gender of their baby.

Gender prediction – The Yin and Yang of Sweet and Sour

Many people believe that when you are constantly craving ice cream, you’re having a girl. On the other hand, there are some people who believe that when you constantly crave sour foods or foods that are salty, you are having a boy.

Gender prediction – Using the Chinese Birth Chart

Some people place their gender prediction faith in the Chinese Birth Chart. When you use the birth chart, you will use the age you were when you conceived and the month you conceived to predict the gender of your baby. A lot of people use the Chinese Birth Chart method because it is an ancient Chinese method.

Gender prediction – Looking at the Evens and the Odds

Some people believe what the Mayans did long ago. With this method, a baby’s gender is said to be determined by the mother’s age at the time of conception and the year of conception. The legend says that if both of these factors are odd numbers, your baby will be a girl. If one factor is even and the other factor is odd, the Mayan’s believe that the gender of your child will be a boy.

Gender prediction – Unlocking the Answer to the Mystery

One gender prediction method that a lot of people use is the key method. To use this method, you will have to drop the key in front of a pregnant individual and ask for them to pick up. The mystery goes that if the pregnant individual picks up the key by the narrow end, she’s having a girl. If she picks up the key from round, bigger part, the individual will be having a boy.

Gender prediction – With an online Ovulation Predictor

You may also use an ovulation predictor to increase your chances for a baby boy or a baby girl. This is based on the theory, that male sperm moves faster than female sperm while female sperm instead is said to be able to survive longer within the female body. So if you want a baby girl, the idea is to have sex a few days before you are ovulating, because in theory only the female sperm will survive long enough to fertilize the egg. If you have sex one day before your ovulation or at the day of your ovulation the male sperm is said to move faster and you will get a baby boy. Scientists claim that this method increases your chance to get a baby girl or a baby boy by 5%.

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