How To Calculate Your Due Date

We can never deny the fact that your pregnancy is bound to be a period of surprises and uncertainties, but you can calculate your due date now and end at least part of the guessing game using several strategies. Just be aware of the fact that a due date is just a best guess of when your baby is likely to be born and not a guaranteed date.

How To Calculate Your Due Date – Use an Online Due Date Calculator

One of the easiest ways to calculate your due date is definitely by using an online due date calculator. All you need to do is log in to a pregnancy due date calculating site (such as this one) and simply follow the instructions given. Generally, you will have to type in the first day of your last period and your average cycle length. The calculator should generate your pregnancy due date within a few seconds and the next thing should be to note it down somewhere so you can refer to it whenever you wish.

How To Calculate Your Due Date – Offline Method

You can also use your own calculator or a pen and a notebook to calculate your due date. Just take the first date of your last menstruation period, subtract or minus 3 months and thereafter add 7 days. This calculation will give you the date around which you can expect to deliver your baby. However, this method is usually recommended for women who have an average cycle of 28 days. Below is a sample calculation:

If first day of your last period is 08/10/2013, subtract 3 months to get 05/10/2013.

Add one year to 05/10/2013 to get 05/10/2014

Add 7 days to 05/10/2014 to get 05/17/2014, which is your due date.

For the women with an average cycle less or more than 28 days, all they need to do is add or subtract the difference from the results they get from the instructions given above. For example, a woman with an average cycle of 24 days should subtract 4 days from the results to get her due date while the one with a 30 day average cycle should add 2 days to the equation.

How To Calculate Your Due Date – Using Your Date of Conception

You can also calculate your due date using your date of conception or the day you conceived. If you are not sure of this date, you may use estimation or your best guess. Armed with the date of the beginning of your last menstruation, you can estimate conception to have taken place anywhere between the 11th day (from the 1st day of last period) to the 21st day. Taking into consideration that sperm can survive for up to 72 hours in your body after intercourse, pick a day when you are most likely to have conceived and add 38 weeks or 266 days to get your due date. If this sounds a bit overwhelming, just make use of our due date calculator.

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