5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Sometimes, a woman will not have any sign of pregnancy until she notices that she has missed a period. But is she is very observant, she is likely to notice several early signs of pregnancy as early as a week after ovulation.

5 Early Signs of Pregnancy – Cramps and Spotting

Not all women will experience cramps and spotting, but this is the earliest sign of pregnancy since it can occur as early as 6 days after conception. This is commonly known as implantation bleeding and is thought to happen as the fertilized egg implants on the uterus wall. Some women confuse it with a real period, but it is actually very mild and nothing to worry about.

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5 Early Signs of Pregnancy – Sore Breasts

Sore or swollen breasts is an early sign of pregnancy but might not be experienced by all pregnant women. Sore breasts might feel like they usually feel before a period, but the tenderness or swelling is usually more intense than it would feel normally. For some women, the breasts may ache, the nipples might darken, the areola might enlarge, and veins might become more visible. Sore breasts are among the early signs of pregnancy because they can be felt as early as 7-14 days after ovulation or conception.

5 Early Signs of Pregnancy – Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, also known as nausea is that sick, nauseas feeling that can be accompanied by a metallic taste in the mouth. Some women tend to vomit too, especially when nausea strikes. Morning sickness can be accompanied by food carvings and a stronger sense of smell. Some aromas might suddenly become irritating and you may start to loathe some of your favorite foods. Morning sickness can materialize at any hour of the day or night.

5 Early Signs of Pregnancy – A Frequent Need to Pee

If you have been trying to conceive and you suddenly notice that your trips to the bathroom have increased, you could be pregnant. Frequent urination could also be a sign of a bladder infection so you should look out for pain or irritation when urinating. This pregnancy symptom will occur 2- 3 weeks after you have conceived and may be accompanied by constipation. However, not all women will go through this.

5 Early Signs of Pregnancy – Fatigue/ Tiredness

You are likely to experience fatigue or extreme tiredness before you even miss a period if you have been busy with baby-making activities. This pregnancy symptom is usually accompanied by sleepiness and weakness. Feeling bloated is also a symptom that can accompany fatigue and is also commonly confused with the usual bloat associated with an approaching period.

All women are different, so you might or might not experience any early signs of pregnancy until you miss your period. Whatever the case, a home pregnancy test is the surest way of knowing if you are really pregnant or not. Just wait until you are a week late before performing one.

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