5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

As a woman who is trying to conceive, it is understandable if you tend to look for early pregnancy symptoms immediately after ovulation. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know if you’ve conceived or not the first day after ovulation. However, you may notice some signs one week after ovulation if you are observant enough.

5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms – First Week after Ovulation

If you are lucky, you will notice implantation bleeding, which is in real sense the very first sign of pregnancy. Not all women experience implantation bleeding, but those who do will have minor cramps, followed by very light bleeding, popularly known as spotting. Some women tend to confuse implantation bleeding with regular periods, but the bleeding is usually very light and not as dark as a regular period. This kind of bleeding is believed to occur after the fertilized egg has been attached on the uterus wall.

Fatigue is also among the early pregnancy symptoms that might occur during the first week of pregnancy; however, some women will experience this pregnancy sign much later.

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5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms – Second Week after Ovulation

At around this time, you are also likely to notice that your breasts are sore and swollen. They may ache and you will notice that the nipples have enlarged and darkened. Other changes that you may notice on your breasts are an enlarged areola (area surrounding your nipples) and more noticeable veins. Other early pregnancy signs that may accompany sore breasts are fatigue and dizziness.

5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms – Third Week after Ovulation

You will begin to notice more pregnancy signs during the 3rd and 4th week of pregnancy. This is when morning sickness, also known as nausea is likely to occur, but not all women will experience it. You might feel sickly, nauseous, or even vomit several times a day. You will begin to crave some foods and loathe others, and will notice that your sense of smell has grown stronger. Other women will have digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, and heartburn during this time.

5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms – 4 Weeks after Ovulation

By this time, you will have obviously noticed that you have missed a period. But since a missed period is not always a sign of pregnancy (especially if you have irregular periods), you must look out for other signs such as a frequent need to urinate all day. This sign of early pregnancy usually occurs around the 4th week of pregnancy but not all women will experience it.

5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms – 5 Weeks after Ovulation

If you have not received your period by this time and have been experiencing all or a few of the abovementioned early pregnancy symptoms, you are probably pregnant and should perform a home pregnancy test as soon as possible. Most women tend to experience fatigue and mood swings at this stage of pregnancy. Some will have mood swings that will range from sadness to irritability.

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